September 8th 2007


Saturday, September 8th, 2007
Doors open at 6PM
Competition from 7 - 10PM
After party from 9:30PM - 2AM

279 Tremont St
617 338 7699

General Admission
$10 advanced tickets / $15 at the door
Must be 21+

Boston Audience Design Contest:

Winner: Benjamin K. Shown
See all Boston entries

Here in BOSTON we like to think there is more to our city than the Red Sox, The Big Dig and clam chowdah. From MIT to Mass Art to aerosol artists, Boston fuses innovators from all levels, backgrounds and experiences to form its close-knit artist community. The level of unique design work produced in Boston reflects the creative and diverse population that produces it.

Fun fact: Boston hosts numerous innovative and creative businesses and institutions such as The Boston Center For The Arts (BCA), Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA), Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Arnold Communications, Modernista!, Future Classic, New Balance and many others.

The Boston Team

Jon Regan

Jon Regan

Jon Regan, the CEO of Future Classic is an entrepreneurial, energetic leader with eight years of grass roots marketing experience in the hospitality and lifestyle industries. Jon has helped several independent companies develop and implement successful marketing campaigns targeted towards the youth and young adult market in the United States and Canada.

Some of the companies Jon has worked closely with include, Victory Records, Loud Records, Underbar Boston, The Boston Center For The Arts, Ivy Restaurant Boston, Koch Entertainment, Tiger Beer, Douzo Restaurant...

Licsi Aniko Szatmari (Lichiban)

Licsi Aniko

Visual artist with an interest in art, music, and design related event management , and in humanitarian work. Former curator and artist relations manager of Boston's leading urban arts event, Legends of Style (2007), Licsi now works as Cut & Paste's community liaison in Boston. Her favorite activities include spending quality time with soulful people, supporting fellow artists and musicians, battling social injustice and bigotry, grooving to her favorite DJ friends' tunes, spending solitary nights with painting, and staying up late to hear the birds at dawn.

Aja Folino

Aja Folino

Following completion of her undergraduate degree from UMass Dartmouth, Aja Folino pursued a brief career in the hospitality industry, specifically, waiting tables and bartending, “for the art of it.” While spending her nights serving hot platters to cold people, by day Aja pursued other passions, including graphic art, freelance journalism, throwing parties and working with special needs children. In 2004 she went back to school to receive her Masters in Media Studies from Boston’s Emerson College.

While still completing her studies at Emerson, Aja found work as the Marketing Director at Future Classic and shortly thereafter realized her career goal of “having fun” was more than just a pipe dream. Party planning, fashion and all things artistic have always been near and dear to her heart and Aja relishes the hip yet professional vibe that FC maintains in all of its undertakings. She plans on making her career with Future Classic until her fiancé makes enough money so she no longer has to work and can become a true lady of leisure. When she is not making contacts and networking up a storm, Aja enjoys soccer, vintage fashion and taking hot air balloon rides with Bel Biv DeVoe.

Geoff White

Geoff White

Geoff White is the Senior Designer and Webmaster for Future Classic as well as the Webmaster for Cut&Paste. In the past he has worked as a designer for Karmaloop, Creative Director for Media Pop, as well as Web Designer for 48houprint and Home Portfolio.

Geoff is also known as G Notorious in the Boston nightclub scene where he has been pushing the sounds of UK underground dance music since 1994 from Jungle to Speed Garage, 2-Step, Grime, and now Dubstep. He also produces his own tunes and has had several released on vinyl and CD compilations.

Future Classic Digital People Karmaloop Simply OutstandingTech Superpowers x-rite

Boston 2007 Photos:

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The Designs:

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THE WINNER - Tim Ferguson Sauder
The winning design by Tim Ferguson Sauder

Round Three:
"Heroes" with canvas "Underwear"

Tim Ferguson Sauder Billy Nuñez    

Round Two:
"The 80s" with challenge "Portrait"

Tim Ferguson Sauder Billy Nuñez Nick Zegel Brian Butler

Round One: "Currency"

Tim Ferguson Sauder Billy Nuñez Nick Zegel Brian Butler Lillian Chan Fish McGill Thomas O'Keefe Daniel de Graaf

Boston Contestants:

Tim Ferguson Sauder - Winner!!!

Tim Ferguson Sauder

Responsible for freelance work focused on creative problem solving with an emphasis on strong conceptual thinking. Projects include identity development, visual language establishment and application, integration of animation and visual communication consulting.

Billy Nuñez aka BIZ20 - Finalist


Born in the Dominican Republic in 1987, Billy Nuñez, "Biz20", moved to Boston at the age of 7. Though he was always fond of doodling as a child, at age 11, he became inspired through watching other artists at work. These artists varied in type, from fine artists, to animators, and still influence his work today. He is now an illustrator and designer who is best known for his flattering portrayals of full-figured women. Working with many different mediums—acrylic, aerosol, oil, pencil, pen, and digital— Biz has shown enormous talent, producing work of consistently exceptional quality despite his young age. His influences include Frank Frazetta, Joe Madureira, Adam Hughes, Michael Turner, Gustav Klimt, Ashley Wood, Hyung Tae Kim, Problak, and Ferb. He is currently living in Boston further pursuing his career as an artist.

Nick Zegel - Audience Prize Winner / Semifinalist

Nick Zegel

Growing up in Southern New Jersey on a healthy diet of surfing and skateboarding it was only natural that my passion for life would create a sometimes-uncontrollable bug inside of me, constantly pushing me to look for new adventures, feelings, and ideas. My early interest in art, thanks to my family's artistic backgrounds and lifelong exposure to the heavily saturated graphic world of contemporary street culture, acted as a sidekick for my other hobbies. The summer before my freshman year at Boston University's College of Fine Arts, I approached a small clothing start-up by the name of Jetty. After offering my services free of charge it was just a matter of a month to have my first t-shirt design printed and in surf shops in Long Beach Island, NJ. Since graduating from Boston University's College of Fine Arts in May, I have been working as the Creative Director at Jetty, traveling, creating artwork for friends bands, and art directing for an upcoming surf film, The Best Laid Plans, to be released and nationally distributed in November 2007.

Brian Butler - Semifinalist

Brian Butler

Brian Butler is a senior at Massachusetts College of Art, where he is studying Miniature Golf. This past summer Brian conducted a fair amount of field-research by touring every miniature golf course in Massachusetts, (of which there are over 100). When Brian isn’t on the green, he is actively exhibiting his artwork, making promotional designs, and working collectively in multiple artist-based organizations. Brian has had the pleasure of working with bands like Big D and the Kids Table, Wu-Tang Clan, The Police, Dropkick Murphys, and Lightning Bolt, as well as many other fine acts.

Thomas O'Keefe

Thomas Okeefe

An influential graffiti artist since the early 80s, Tom O'Keefe has spent the last 13 plus years plying his trade as an art director. Learning his trade designing and publishing his own graffiti magazine Graphic Violence, Tom has gone on to work for high profile clients doing print, interactive design, branding and identity. In recent years, Tom has worked for clients like Picasa, Adobe, the US Army and Alyssa Milano's clothing line "TOUCH." |

Lillian Chan

Lillian Chan

Lillian likes to draw...a lot. From her first masterpiece of a stick figure cat with a bow-tie at the age of 7 to currently being part of the design crew at mimoco, she has been doodling non-stop...well, except for when she was rejected from her high school art AP class. Minor setback aside, she persevered because that's how she rolls. Heavily influenced by Chinese brush painting, Japanese woodblock print, video games, Brad Bird, Charles Schultz, Hiyao Miyazaki, Stephen Chow, and pop culture in general, she creates fun, bold, and bright designs and illustrations that tell a story. Her weapons of choice are 3b pencils, a hot pink pencil sharpener, newsprint, a Canon N670U scanner, Adobe Illustrator, Wacom pen & tablet, and acrylics. Oh yeah, she's also the comic artist for "ah-Lin!" which appears in the Sampan Newspaper.

Fish McGill

Fish McGill

Born in the Atlantic waters of the Massachusetts Bay State, Fish McGill's prides himself in being an artist devoted to drawing. He uses characters to communicate and question his involvement in and perception of society. Fish focuses on Robots as literal and metaphorical machines that convey ideas on what it means to be human. Please fasten your seatbelt securely around your waist before Fish McGill takes off. Make sure your bags are secure over-head or beneath your seat and that your Fish McGill is in the upright position before take off and landing. Please be aware of the exits closest to Fish McGill. In the event of cabin pressure loss Fish McGill will drop down from the ceiling to provide oxygen. Fish McGill can also be used as a flotation device. Thank you, enjoy the art.

Daniel de Graaf

Daniel de Graaf

Daniel de Graaf is a 21 year-old graphic designer entering his final year at the Massachusetts College of Art & Design. In the midst of contemporary cultural climates, Daniel aspires to be one of many young designers who embrace the social responsibility of visual communication.

All work was judged by our 2007 all-star panel:

Al Haney Senior Designer, Karmaloop

Al Haney is currently the senior designer at He started with the company when it was a fledgling year old e-commerce site and has helped it grow into the leading streetwear & apparel shop on the internet.  Before Karmaloop Al was the editor & publisher or Decontrol Magazine, a local Boston independent music magazine.  He has also done freelance print & web design work for various independent record labels including Sun Moon Records and Raptivism Records.

Boris Chang Apparel Graphics Designer, Puma North America

Boris is never not working! I like people, and I do it for the kids! With a New York Heart Iheartboris™ is spreading that love globally! Attended the Rhode Island School of Design Class of 2005 BFA Graphic Design. All work and no play makes me a dull little runt so I aspire to make this planet look as pretty as I can. Iheartboris™ strives to ask everyone the question: where is the love? Roll with soul, but never without style. All it takes is a little heart™ Apparel Graphics Designer at Puma North America (Int'l Division) Proud parent of ultimate Graphikdekoratist! Creep Street Ladykiller ( Shown love & services to Triple 5 Soul, A|X, Sean John, Live Mechanics, Society Original Products, Nike 6.0, Nike SB just to name drop!
"It takes more than a good memory to have good memories."

Claudia De Piante Vicin Lead Graphic Design Mentor, Artists For Humanity

Claudia aka ninerevolutions is currently the lead graphic design mentor and project coordinator at Artists For Humanity, whose mission is to bridge economic, racial and social divisions by providing underserved youth with the keys to self-sufficiency through paid employment in the arts. During her time at AFH she has worked with clients such as Harvard University, Grantmakers for the Arts, Boston Globe Foundation, British Airways, Dennis Publishing, Fresh Paved Skateboards, Youth Advocacy Project, Children’s Advocacy Center, Starwood Resorts and Hotels, etc. Taking a more fine art approach to design, she is influenced by colour, texture and the usage of non-traditional materials and methods.

Julian Wadsworth Editor, Modernista!

Red Foxxworth aka Julian Wadsworth is a DJ, remixer, a founder/creative director of cult party Hearthrob, producer and creative director behind electro act SLUTTT, and editor at advertising agency Modernista!, working with clients such as HUMMER, Cadillac, and Napster as well as working on U2’s music video for “Window in the Skies.”  Outside of the agency, his multidisciplinary creations reflect a penchant for detournement, lo-fi media, and an epileptic use of sound and color, which although disparate in elements, cohesively complete his successful projects.  A self proclaimed media addict, Julian has a particular eye for trends and a painfully short attention span which continually drives his hunger for freshness, and no cliché survives his personal battle against the boring. | |

Tak Toyoshima Art Director, Weekly Dig

Tak Toyoshima is the award winning art director for the humor, news and nightlife magazine, Boston'sWeekly Dig. Since 1999 Tak has showcased the best illustration, design and photography that New England has to offer. Tak's artwork has been featured in art shows alongside Shepard Fairey, Buff Monster and Seen. His illustrations have appeared on cds, shirts, posters, tattoos, cars, racing helmets, nekkid chicks, giant banners, skate decks, bridges, beer cans and probably your house. Tak is also the creator and illustrator of the weekly comic strip Secret Asian Man which runs in papers across the country and will be going daily starting in July of 2007. | |

Hosted By:

MC Oveous Maximus

Oveous Maximus

Oveous Maximus Salcedo, is a native New Yorker who's roots go back to the Dominican Republic. He started writing and performing in New York City in the summer of 2003 after he lost his only brother Carlos- Paul "Ziiinc Blue" to suicide. Since then Oveous' presence on stage has become a symbol of honor in the name of his brother "Ziiinc Blue" who is the eternal driving-force behind Oveous' work to uplift and rejoice the spirits of all people.