Hong Kong
November 10th 2007


Saturday, November 10th, 2007
Doors open at 6PM
Competition from 7 - 10PM
After party from 11PM - 4AM

72 Tat Chee Ave
Kowloon Tong
Kowloon, Hong Kong
(852) 2784 2666

General Admission
HK$80 advanced registration / HK$120 at the door
Must be 18+

Hong Kong Audience Design Contest:

Winner: Oleg Fedotov
See all Hong Kong entries

We’re excited to be in Hong Kong this year.

The Hong Kong Team

Jehan Chu

Jehan Chu

While not serving as Cut&Paste's Hong Kong Community Liaison, Jehan is an Auctioneer with Sotheby's Auction House.

Ashley Wong

Ashley Wong

Ashley is event producer, independent noisemaker and creative director behind guerrilla project LOUDSPKR. With a background in Digital Image / Sound and the Fine Arts, she is project manager of Hong Kong's
leading media art institution - Videotage. Ashley continues to occupy herself with mutiple creative projects including acting as PR engine for Cut&Paste Hong Kong.

Joy Li

Joy Li

With her Chinese sense and Canadian sensibility, Joy Li keeps her feet on the ground and head to the stars in planning all her events.

China Stylus HK Design Centre

Hong Kong 2007 Photos:

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The Designs:

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The winning design by Tat

Round Three:
"Old vs. New" with canvas "Billboard"

Tat Tin-yau Wong    

Round Two:
"Fast Food" with challenge "Portrait"

Tat Tin-yau Wong Calvin Kwok Jay Forster

Round One: "Currency"

Tat Tin-yau Wong Calvin Kwok Jay Forster Ben Liu Gigi Ng Kamanwilliam Joshua Wong

Hong Kong Contestants:

Tat - Winner & Audience Prize Winner!!!


Designer / illustrator / street artist from Hong Kong. Established GraphicAirlines to find freedom for his own creations. Obsessed with ugly bunny-like characters and tee print designs.

Tin-yau Wong - Finalist

Tin-yau Wong

A junior multimedia designer!! Likes to draw on streets!!?

Calvin Kwok - Semifinalist

Calvin Kwok

Calvin was born in Taiwan to a Thai mom. He indulges in investigating visual artworks with an appreciation of science fiction casting on human beings.

Jay Forster - Semifinalist

Jay Forster

Part designer – part machine – part comb-over, Jay is known as one segment of the Robot collective and mastermind behind Salon de Pigeon (not hair salon, nor pigeon boutique). Once described as a “granddaddy of cool” by a young upstart, Jay is keen to retain his street credibility by creating imagery that resonates with younger trendy folk, whilst in reality he secretly enjoys wearing slippers and consuming digestive biscuits. | salondepigeon.com | robotunderground.net

Gigi Ng

Gigi Ng

An extraordinary girl who loves her cat.
senses-group.com | www.the-original-graphics.com

Ben Liu

Ben Liu

Ben is a 24-year-old multimedia designer.

Kaman William

Kaman William

I am Kaman William, very fond of drawing and free sketch. I like everything about art. That's why I became an artist and a designer because it all comes together.

Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong

pentopixel is the visual work of Hong Kong-based artist and musician Joshua Wong. Self taught, he skipped college for a job as a video editor, and began doing motion graphics and design for short title sequences and documentaries. Since then, pentopixel has worked with companies such as EMI, Adidas & Disney, to name a few. His primary love is the fusion of music and design, which fuels his passion for musical projects and bands. The most recent of which has birthed a music video and exciting new album. The Video for "Noughts and Exes" first single garnered praise and glowing reviews across Asia.

All work will be judged by our 2007 all-star panel:

Jonathan NgArt Director, IdN Magazine

Jonathan Ng

After studying architecture at New South Wales in Sydney, he worked as a freelance graphic designer. Later, he saw himself working in the ublishing industry and in architecture. He worked in Jackson Teece, an architecture company in Sydney and was involved in big projects such as the Sydney Cross City Tunnel. He soon realized, however, that his passion for graphic design had not died. He joined IdN in 2004 as art director and not only does he handle the design of the magazine, but he is also involved in publishing and conference planning.

Stanley WongFounder & Partner, 3,2,1 Audio Visual Production Co.

Stanley Wong

Anothermountainman is the alias of Stanley Wong, who is one of the renowned creative persons in town with experience in advertising, film, graphic design, fine art and photography. With many social and political clashes happening in Hong Kong, Stanley Wong would like to bring a more positive message to encourage the locals by his work.

Vivian Cheng Wai Kwan
Senior Lecturer of Product Design,
Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE)

Vivian Cheng Wai Kwan

Vivian Cheng Wai Kwan was born in Hong Kong in 1962 and completed a BA in industrial design at the Swire School of Design, Hong KongPolytechnic University in 1987. In the same year, she was awarded a special prize in the Young Designers of the Year award by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries.

Vivian Cheng Wai Kwan began her career as a watch designer and later as an industrial designer of fashion accessories. Afterwards, she joined Lambda Industrial Limited where she won the “Governor’s Award for Industry: Consumer Product Design” in 1989. In 1993, she enrolled in the PolytechnicUniversity again for her Master’s degree. After obtaining the Master’s degree in design, Vivian Cheng Wai Kwan joined the Vocational Training Council as a lecturer in product design. She is now senior lecturer in product design at the IVE and also in charge of the jewellery design course.

Vivian Cheng Wai Kwan has been an active figure in the design hubs in Hong Kong. She is a member of the Chartered Society of Designers Hong Kong and of the Hong Kong Designers Association. Furthermore, she had served as a committee member of the Chartered Society of Designers Hong Kong from 1990 to 2003 and she had served in various capacities from membership secretary to financial secretary. She had been a member of the Board of Directors of the Hong Kong Design Centre from 2002 to 2004, an organisation which is supported by the joint collaboration of the four major designers’ societies in Hong Kong, and which is also fully supported by the Hong Kong SAR Government and the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust.

MilkxhakeDesign Team

An award-winning Hong Kong-based design group since 2002, specializing in visual communication, identity and interactive design.

JFC Founder & Creative Director ChinaStylus


JFC, ex-4A’s Advertising Agency Creative Director, established ChinaStylus in 2000. The studio has a solid reputation as one of the most creative and influential design studios in the region. The studio has a distinct style but is not afraid to experiment and push boundaries. Their simple yet elegant philosophy is one of “CREATIVITY vs COMMERCE” believing that a balance can always be reached no matter what the project may be. More recently, Jay was chosen by Perspective magazine as one of its "40 under 40" - awarded to the 40 "most outstanding young designers in Greater China."

Eddy YuDesign Director, CoDesign Ltd.

Born in Hong Kong in 1960. Graduated in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a Master Degree in Design. Eddy had worked for Kan & Lau Design Consultants and Alan Chan Design Company as senior art director and design director respectively before co-founding CoDesign Ltd with Hung Lam in 2003, which specializes in branding and corporate identity, publication as well as packaging design.

Eddy has been frequently invited for various design exhibitions; as speaker for design seminars as well as judge for design competitions. His works have won more than 100 awards in local and international design competitions, and have been collected by Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong and Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany.

Eddy is now the Chairman of Hong Kong Designers Association.