Saturday November 11th, 2006

Rec Center Studio
1161 Logan St
Los Angeles, CA 90026
213 413 9300

Music By:
Blockhead - Ninjatune

Winner, Jim Darling - Apple 13" MacBook
Finalist, Elvis Segarich - Wacom Intuos3 Tablet

Buff Monster
Famed Street Artist and Designer
Famed Graffiti Artist, DF Crew
Co-Founder, The Firm Graphics
Eric Nakamura
Co-Publisher, Giant Robot Magazine
Andy Mueller
The Quiet Life
Roger Gastman
Editor-in-Chief, Swindle Magazine


Click thumbnail for full flyer. BJs Brewhouse Restaurant The Nova Project Mac Hollywood
Adobe Wacom Puma Karmaloop Crumpler Bags


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The Designs:

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Round One: "Time Travel"

Jim Darling Elvis Segarich Dennis Gomez

Michael Coleman

April Carter Grant PJ Richardson Sasha Welland

Man Hi Park

THE WINNER - Jim Darling
The winning design by Jim Darling

Round Two:"Alternative Energy"

Jim Darling Elvis Segarich Dennis Gomez Michael Coleman

Round Three: "The Camera Never Lies"

Jim Darling Elvis Segarich    

The Contestants:

Jim Darling - WINNER!!!Self-Employed, Freelance Designer / Illustrator

Jim DarlingJim Darling is the kind of gentleman that enjoys a cold Miller Lite. He also enjoys making things look nice, whether that is with a computer or his BIC pen. Word to life... he's fresh to deaf.

Elvis SegarichVolcom, Artist / Designer

Elvis Segarich37 yr old., born in Croatia, raised in San Pedro, CA. Been designing since elementary school and now an artist/designer for Volcom Stone. Skateboarding is my fuel and designing is my vehicle.

Dennis Gomez

Dennis GomezDennis Gomez is a Los Angeles native that has been creating artwork for everything from underground music events, to diamond-selling pop album art. He has many styles, but describes his personal favorite design style is a hybrid of graffiti meets japanimation vs. tech. He recently collaborated with OBEY/GIANT and JungleGreen in creation of the album art for Black Eyed Peas "Monkey Business".

Michael Coleman Art Dumper | Girl Skateboards | Fourstar Clothing Company | Principal, Foundation Projects

Michael Coleman"Putting the rubber cement back into cut and paste"
Merit Badges on my sash include:
Art Editor, Punk Planet Magazine
Creator, Creative Director and Janitor, Bail Magazine
Art Director, Time Out Chicago
Co-owner / Director, Foundation Gallery
Instructor, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago |

April Carter GrantSelf-employed, Sugarsock

April Carter GrantApril was raised in rural Illinois and earned her design degree from the American Academy of Art in Chicago. She has worked as a creative in the advertising, gaming, and travel industries in Chicago and Miami. Since relocating to Los Angeles in November 2005, April has been self-employed, providing web and print design, illustration, and marketing for clients around the US. In addition, she and her husband operate Cold Cocked Cards, a paper and collectibles company. |

PJ RichardsonLaundry | The Rock Collection

PJ RichardsonConceived by yetis, raised by elves, taught by squirrels I design with robot kittens and herb lubalin cyborgs, but only old ones that don't work anymore. In California. When its warm. By hand. Courier forever.

Sasha WellandFreelance

Sasha WellandAn avid fan of all things creative, and an explorer at heart - Sasha has trudged through the streets of White Plains, NY to Hollywood, CA, landing with Simon + Associates Advertising along the way. We do good work and are fun to work with - we'll help you do good design.

Man Hi Park AKA Fastest Draw(er) of the West!

Man Hi ParkRising from the ashes of the dotcom crash, Man Hi moved to California from Atlanta in 2003, taking her experiences as a designer from IBM E-Business to her own designs. Conceptual designs are her forte, as well as the passion for creativity mixed with functionality.