Los Angeles
October 13th 2007


Saturday, October 13th, 2007
Doors open at 7PM
Competition from 8 - 11PM
After party from 11PM - close

The Music Box @ Fonda Theater
6126 Hollywood Blvd.

General Admission
$10 advanced tickets / $15 at the door
Must be 21+

Los Angeles Audience Design Contest:

Winner: Thomas Yamaoka
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In the land of high crime rates and earthquakes, design and culture mash together like two 300 pound wrestlers in a cage-match. Los Angeles has all sides covered. From pioneering graffiti artists to cutting edge filmmakers, emerging fashion designers to the heavy weights of graphic design - welcome to LA, where art is the language.

The Los Angeles Team

Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson

Ten years in the entertainment industry can make anyone a corporate whore, but not true of this pr/marketing/events lassie. Bocce enthusiasts, cigar aficionado and mixologist (alcohol and vinyl) are just a few hats this future skipper likes to wear. Heather is only a hater when it comes to mayonnaise and is a lover of the other white meat.

Jake Maymudes

Jake Maymudes

Self-proclaimed inventor of the chestnut. For the past 5 years I've been neck deep in visual effects working for companies like Industrial Light & Magic, ESC Ent., Imageworks and most recently Digital Domain. I'm a compositor and photo-realism is my strength. I also moonlight as a Director, I've created several short films and music videos for artists like Jewel, Oslo and Against Me!. I joined Cut & Paste because of my love for Graphic Design, it's where I started professionally and I believe it's where my ideas still stem from.

Kelly Nichols

Kelly Nichols

Freelance print and interactive designer. Bred tall and fast on the limestone rich hills of Kentucky. Interests include: photography, bourbon and developing alternative weather analyses for the greater Los Angeles area.

Philip Levie

Philip Levie

A native of New York City, Philip holds a Masters in Irish Theatre and Film from the Samuel Beckett Centre for Drama and Theatre Studies at Trinity College, Dublin. He has spent most of his professional development working in New York Theatre, both on and off Broadway, as an actor, director, and producer. Before moving to Los Angeles, he was the literary manager for the Drama Desk award-winning Irish Repertory Theatre. A recent MFA graduate from the Producers Program at the UCLA Film School, Philip has worked with Double Feature Films, Sony Pictures Entertainment, and Paramount Vantage. He co-produced the inaugural Cut & Paste Los Angeles in 2006.

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Los Angeles 2007 Photos:

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The Designs:

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THE WINNER - Chris Haycock
The winning design by Chris Haycock

Round Three:
"Phobia" with canvas "License Plate"

Chris Haycock Jerimy Lumia    

Round Two:

Chris Haycock Jerimy Lumia Chris Fava Jonathan Jarvis

Round One: "Currency"

Chris Haycock Jerimy Lumia Chris Fava Jonathan Jarvis Pa Prapruttrakul Jung Shih Wang Dave Ward Sam Wooley

Los Angeles Contestants:

Chris Haycock - Winner!!!

Chris Haycock

Current Visual Director at Uber.com and co-founder of the nearly world famous Sunday Do-Over event in Los Angeles. Chris enjoys his limited time-off by collecting records, drinking beer and making arrangements for his next trip to Brazil.

Jerimy Lumia - Finalist

Jerimy Lumia

My name is Jerimy and I graduated with a BA in graphic design from The Art Institute of Orange County, CA in May 2006. I work full time at Zther Design Studio doing print and web design. I own a small clothing company called Honeybones Apparel, which I design everything for, and I also freelance for major clothing companies like Burton, Active, Ambiguous, Macbeth, etc.
honeybonesapparel.com | www.zther.com

Chris Fava - Audience Prize Winner / Semifinalist

Chris Fava

Jersey boy in the house! OooOoOooo hoOooo! Hi mom! No seriously, I live in Venice now, just trying to live life slash be happy whilst doing some fab design. I recently worked at a 'hip' surface graphics company for a few years as their AD, now doing my own stuff for the past year or so. My own boss. Yeah yeah! You know you know~*~*

Jonathan Jarvis - Semifinalist

Jonathan Jarvis

Option-shift-command-J, HIKE! (Secret play = formation: live in Iowa, Route: deep-post to Media Design Program at Art Center, Option: play-action enter Cut&Paste)

Pa Prapruttrakul

Pa Prapruttrakul

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand and spent my first eight years there. Then it was off to Virginia and some amazing experiences, like monster truck rallies, a Journey concert without Steve Perry and good old Southern cooking. Eventually, I got serious, receiving a BFA in graphic design from VCU and a MFA in art direction from the VCU Adcenter. I'm now an art director at DDB Los Angeles, an advertising agency.

Jung Shih Wang

Jung Shih Wang

Born in Taiwan, studied in America and has a fetish for Japanese food. Therefore, can speak arms full of buzz-killer jokes in 3 languages. Other talents include making fish tacos, cutting stuff with X-acto and dance dance revolution.

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

Dave Ward was raised outside Washington, D.C. where he was a graffiti artist and graphic designer at the Discovery Channel. After moving to Los Angeles in 1999, he worked for small ad agencies and creative groups in the entertainment and gaming industries. He now owns his own interactive design shop, Twelve : Twenty Four, primarily designing websites, and likes to get freaky with a Wacom.

Sam Wooley

Sam Woolley

Born in Sydney, Australia eons ago, Sam moved to New York City at the ripe age of 2 where he learned his craft, after a stint in the beautiful Garden State of NJ, Sam moved to Los Angeles, to become the graphic mastermind you see today. Additionally, Sam enjoys ping-pong, women, and a fine single malt scotch.

All work was judged by our 2007 all-star panel:

Michelle Dougherty Creative Director, Imaginary Forces

Michelle has been the artistic force behind the main title sequences of The Number 23, The Legend of Zorro and K-Pax. In 2002, she earned an Emmy nomination for her work on the title sequence for the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers. In addition Michelle has directed commercials for Pontiac, Lexus, Dove, Nike and Nokia. Her work has been recognized by the AIGA and featured in numerous publications including Communication Arts, Step Inside Design and Creativity.

SaberGraffiti Artist

While painting graffiti is his main focus, Saber also explores other artistic avenues. He is known for his surreal landscapes, which are pulled from the deep, dark places in his psyche, and has also created groundbreaking metal and wood sculptures of abstract letterforms and painstakingly rendered hyper-realistic canvases. Saber has also worked in design, taking jobs for Harley-Davidson and Levis, on movie sets and music videos, and was commissioned by Hyundai and Scion to airbrush cars.

Keith Tamashiro Creative Director, Soap Design

Keith Tamashiro is half of Soap Design, a well respected Los Angeles design firm that has designed tons of music packaging that you've probably seen. The list includes: Cut Chemist, DJ Shadow, Jurassic 5, Madlib, X-Clan, Herbie Hancock, The Beat Junkies, and Dilated Peoples. Keith is regarded by many as one of the most innovative graphic artists in the music industry.

Kelly Port Visual Effects Supervisor, Digital Domain

Kelly Port has over 13 years of experience at Digital Domain, one of the world's most prestigious visual effects and animation houses. Most recently, Mr. Port served as Visual Effects Supervisor on the upcoming police drama We Own the Night as well as thrillers including The Hitcher and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning. He also has experience in feature film advertising and graphic design.

Jose CaballerCo-Founder and CEO, The_Groop

Jose Caballer

Jose Caballer is Co-Founder and CEO of THE_GROOP, an award-winning digital design firm in downtown Los Angeles specializing in interactive design solutions for Web, TV and Mobile. Growing up in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, Jose developed his visual acumen at an early age (he handcrafted a race track and cars out of river clay and cardboard shoe boxes). When he’s not producing results for clients or running a contemporary art gallery called The Bank that he co-owns, he spends his time dropping knowledge as a professor of digital media and design at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. Here he provides students with an insider’s look into the ever-changing methodologies that are used to create engaging digital experiences.