Saturday October 21st, 2006

Brooklyn Sugar (formerly Domino Sugar Factory)
289 Kent Ave. (Williamsburg)
415 978 2700

Music By:
Sugarcuts and DJ Equal

aeRo mc (Brian Keith Austin)

Winner, Guillermo Echevarria - Apple 13" MacBook
Finalist, Phat Choi - Wacom Intuos3 Tablet

Keira Alexandra
Creative Director, Sundance Channel
Ami Kealoha
Managing Editor, Cool Hunting
Sascha Lewis
Founder, Flavorpill
Victor Newman
Creative Director, Freestyle Collective
Jeff Staple
Founder & Creative Director, Staple Design


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Tekserve Tinpod
Adobe Wacom Puma Karmaloop Crumpler Bags


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The Designs:

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Round One: "Oxymoron"

Guillermo Echevarria Phat Choi Hector Ortiz Edward Ubiera Thomas Moon Julian Gonzales Juan Doe

Patrick Kalyanapu

THE WINNER - Guillermo Echevarria
The winning design by Guillermo Echevarria

Round Two:
"George W. Bush Campaign Poster"

Guillermo Echevarria Phat Choi Hector Ortiz Edward Ubiera

Round Three:
"What Goes Around Comes Around"

Guillermo Echevarria


Phat Choi    

The Contestants:

Guillermo Echevaria - WINNER!!!Leo Burnett SOHO, Art Director

Guillermo Echevaria"Pantone 433 2X is the new black"

Kathy "Phat" ChoiSelf-Employed, Freelance Art Director

Kathy "Phat" ChoiPhat Choi was named by the Harvard School of Medicine as one of the 5 deadliest mammals in North America. Mysterious, swift, venomous and capable of short flights between tree limbs, this gorgeous creature is as beautiful as it is unnerving.

Hector OrtizSeesaw, Designer

Hector Ortiz31 years old Concept / illustrator & Flash designer from Puerto Rico. I enjoy very much to study multi cultural design styles.

Edward Ubiera Age Group Ltd., Art Director.

Edward UbieraA young designer of the planet Zenn-La. Edward agreed to serve as herald to the entity with god-like powers of Cut & Paste in order to save Zenn-La from the world devourer's insatiable hunger. Granted enormous cosmic powers, a silvery appearance and a skateboard- like vehicle - all of which were modeled after a childhood fantasy of Ed's. Chickensandrobots roamed the cosmos, searching for new planets for Cut & Paste to consume.

Thomas MoonSME Branding, Graphic Designer

Thomas MoonAn artist is what i am, design is what i do.

Julian GonzalesTheHumanAgency, Creative Director

Julian GonzalesBorn and Raised in Bogota, Colombia, Julian moved to NY six years ago to study graphic design in the School of Visual Arts. Julian is one of the co-founders and art directors of TheHumanAgency and currently lives in Queens. Likes beer, go-go girls and cats.

Juan DoeSelf-Employed Painter | Designer | Cartoonist | Satirist

Juan DoeJuan Doe–born and bred in this lifetime. Somewhere between old school and new, NYC. Educated by the chalk lines on the blackboard of the streets, mastering style & language with unscrupulous ease.

Patrick Kalyanapu R/GA, Senior Designer

Patrick KalyanapuPatrick Kalyanapu is a self-taught designer/animator who's created award-winning work for clients such as IBM, Verizon Wireless, Hard Rock Hotel, Subaru, Adidas, Levi's, and Nokia. In his free time he enjoys living life...and documenting it on