November 17th 2007


Saturday, November 17th, 2007
Doors open at 7PM
Competition from 8 - 11PM

The Metro Theatre
624 George St
+02 9550 3666

General Admission
$10 presale / $15 on door
Must be 18+

Sydney Audience Design Contest:

Winner: Adam Paquette
See all Sydney entries

We’re excited to be in Sydney this year.

The Sydney Team

Philippa Hansen

Sydney Hansen

Project Manager, Project Controller, Manager of all things and time traveler.

Johannes Weissenbaeck

Johannes Weissenbaeck

Strategist, Ideas man, Urban golfer.

Simon Horauf

Simon Horauf

Event Producer, Furniture Designer, Design Editor and sea faring skipper.

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Sydney 2007 Photos:

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The Designs:

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THE WINNER - Matt Huynh
The winning design by Matt Huynh

Round Three:
"To Be Popular at Parties" with canvas "Awning"

Matt Huynh Morten Rowley    

Round Two:
"Under Cover" with challenge "Portrait"

Matt Huynh Morten Rowley Haline Ly Andrea Innocent

Round One: "Currency"

Matt Huynh Morten Rowley Haline Ly Andrea Innocent Daryl Prondoso Dave Follett Michael Birchall Oat Montien

Sydney Contestants:

Matt Huynh - Winner!!!

Matt Huynh

I'm a Sydney based comic artist, having both self-published my own graphic novels alongside collaborations with both local and international creators. I've also illustrated for select projects, including health resources, magazines, exhibitions, educational books and anthologies. Whether using digital or traditional media, my work emphasizes the qualities of the tools - visceral, inky brushwork and limited palettes of absolutely and artificially flat colors.

Morten Rowley - Finalist

Morten Rowley

Morten Munk Rowley of Munkmotion - a motion designer, concept artist, director, and everything in between, can be found lurking the streets of Sydney and New York City.

Haline Ly - Semifinalist

Haline Ly

A little pea in a big green sea, Haline was born in a rocket in France to midget parents. As a child, she loved collecting ladybeetles, skiing and sitting in sunny green patches of clovers with her best friend Katty. Today is her 7th birthday. She loves chocolate pralines, boiled sweets and sparkling dessert wine. Haline is not very practical, but she loves unconditionally, like a child running into the open arms of a hug.

Andrea Innocent - Semifinalist

Andrea Innocent

Innocentgirl moves in a headspace between Australia and Japan, between past and present. She coalesces traditional and modern narratives, into which mirrors her process, in that hand-drawn images are scanned and built upon using software inside a computer, yet they are often then returned to the ‘real’ world in the form of digital prints on paper. It has been remarked that her pieces tend to float between both a Western and an Eastern art aesthetic. Innocentgirl says “Let’s be making Happy Pictures!”

Daryl Prondoso - Audience Prize Winner

Daryl Prondoso

Daryl always wanted to be a lawyer while growing up, until he realised he wasn't very smart. But he soon found out that while completely stupid, he was half decent at scribbling. His first legible drawing was at the age of 5, of the Ninja Turtle Donatello. He is now 20, and studying design in the grimm, frostbitten plains of Western Sydney. He listens to way too much black metal and Prince, loves writing shitty biographies and long walks on the beach. He still likes scribbling and still thinks Donatello is the best.

Dave Follett

Dave Follett

David is a freelance illustrator and busy as hell doing visuals, storyboards, character designs, cartoons and comics for the advertising industry. Since winning the Bill Mitchell award in 2000 he's been a regular artist for The Australian Newspaper, The Weekend Australian and The Daily Telegraph. His comic strips 'KookaBarry' and 'Harry the Dog- NewsHound' can now be read in the Sunday Telegraph every week.

Michael Birchall

Michael Birchall

Michael Birchall is a Sydney based designer and artist who preoccupies himself with design, illustration, street art and general doodling. Studying at the St George Design Centre, he has been exhibited both internationally and locally, as well as worked with some well-known multinational companies such as General Pants, K-Swiss, Security Mail, Design is Kinky and Toy2R. In his "spare" time Michael is also one half of fashion label Love Jungle, providing another creative outlet for this standout young designer.

Oat Montien

Oat Montien

Born in Bangkok 1989, Oat is a Sydney based designer with 2 hands and 1 brain to conquer the world. His own unique style consists of movement and delicate hand made elements, combined to create subtle yet impacting visual imagery. Absolute funkiness at its best. Previous achievements: Winner of Kinokuniya's Digital Art Price. My space design award. (My creation /Semi-permanent'07 competition). Outstanding Achievement Award in Digital Art (KvB Institute). Outstanding Young Artist Award (Kermezaar's Exhibition'05) and much more...

All work will be judged by our 2007 all-star panel:

Jonathan Kneebone Writer / Director, The Glue Society

Jonathan Kneebone

Jonathan is a writer/director at The Glue Society, an independent creative collective he co-founded in 1998 with Gary Freedman. The Glue Society now features 11 writers, designers and directors working out of offices in both Sydney and New York. The company’s work encompasses everything from broadcast entertainment, television commercials, print advertising, graphic design and books to art exhibitions, live events, installations and sculpture. Last year alone, the company won two silver D&Ad pencils, the Sculpture by the Sea public prize, numerous international awards for Direction plus Australian Creative’s Hotshop of the Year.

Justin Fox Founder, Australian INFront

Justin Fox is an artist and designer creating visual forms through experimentation and collaboration. In 1999 Justin founded the Australian INfront, a non-profit web site that aims to elevate the perception of Australian art and design to the world and inspire students seeking a career in the creative industry. Mr. Fox has featured artworks (both digital and mixed media) at numerous group shows as well as a host of worldwide web sites, books, newspapers (Justin was promoted by the Sydney Morning Herald as one of 30 rising stars under 30) and magazines too numerous to mention. Justin has also taught graphic design at Shillington College and is a regular speaker at design related schools and events including Semi-Permanent, Digit Conference, Sydney Design 99 and more.

Kristy Bradley & Michelle Hendriks Editor & Art Director, Yen Magazine

Kristy Bradley

Kristy Bradley is a self-confessed magazine-reading freak. She’s been working in the Australian publishing industry for more than 11 years across a broad range of publications including The Bulletin, Cosmopolitan and DisneyGirl. Kristy currently edits Australia’s #1 independent publication for young women, YEN magazine. YEN offers a unique and refreshing alternative for switched-on young women who want more than just celebrity gossip, weight loss tips and relationship advice. Under her direction, YEN has redefined expectations of what a women’s magazine should be, presenting important issues and encouraging positive action, as well as showcasing groundbreaking fashion, entertainment and beauty. Now in addition to the magazine Kristy oversees the YEN brand as it branches out internationally & into other specialty publications, events and cross-platform media initiatives such as Curvy, the Young Woman of the Year Awards and others as an additional way to support and celebrate young women dedicated to pushing boundaries and to inspiring other young women to follow in their footsteps.

Toby Grime Art Director, Animal Logic

Toby Grime joined Animal Logic’s design department in 2000 following an impressive freelance and commercial career working in advertising, publishing and interactive companies. Toby was named “Designer of the Year” at the Magazine and Publishers Awards in 1998 and his personal sound and visual design work has been featured in numerous international collections and exhibitions including the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the German Design Council Annual, Australian Centre for Moving Image as well as featuring at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, ArtSpace, the Big Day Out festival, Electrofringe and many others. Since joining Animal Logic, Toby has worked on high profile projects such as Matrix: Reloaded and Rob Cohen’s feature film Stealth. Other credits include the Spicks and Specks title opener for ABC TV, which won ‘Best Title Program Sequence’ at the 2005 ATV Awards and Star Channel station ID (Japan).  Most recently, Toby has directed three CG character animated spots for Energizer and a graphic animation commercial for Hewlett Packard.

Carby Tuckwell Creative Director, Moon Design

Carby Tuckwell

Is Creative Director of moon design, one of Australia’s most regarded and awarded design studios. His creative insight has been refined over years working in both Switzerland and Australia, he relocated to Sydney and joined Moon in 1998 and has played a foundation role in establishing moons design credentials. He has created identities for a diverse range of clients, from airlines to theatre companies. Most recently he partnered up with the founder of Mambo, Dare Jennings to create the brand Deus Ex Machina; ‘an emporium of Motorcycling enthusiasm’ in Sydney’s inner west, drawing design inspiration from the simple beauty of the motorcycle as the ultimate fusion and form and function. He believes that the philosophy of ‘adding lightness’ has as much relevance in the pursuit of design perfection as it does in the pursuit of a nimble motorcycle.