NOVember 3RD 2007


Saturday, November 3rd, 2007
Doors open at 6PM
Competition from 7 - 10PM
After party from 11PM - 4AM

Shibuya WOMB
2-16 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ward

General Admission
All tickets will be sold at the door
¥1,500 at the door
Must be 18+

Tokyo Audience Design Contest:

Winner: Yosuke Yamashita
See all Tokyo entries
anny Design Tide

Tokyo 2007 Photos:

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The Designs:

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THE WINNER - Thiago Batista
The winning design by Thiago Batista

Round Three:
"Wabi Sabi"
with canvas "Business Card"

Thiago Batista Kyoko Ikeno    

Round Two:
Theme "Beast" with challenge "Portrait"

Thiago Batista Kyoko Ikeno Namika Toyama U-KO Yokura

Round One: "Currency"

Thiago Batista Kyoko Ikeno Namika Toyama U-KO Yokura Alvin Yeung GEN Shingo Kohama Shoji Komatsu

Tokyo Contestants:

Thiago Batista - Winner!!!

Thiago Batista

A Japanese half-blood, raised in the Brazilian jungle by savage dot matrix printers. A proud visual dork, who got his start with Brazil’s top skateboard brands, magazines and fashion lines. Now DJing and working in Tokyo’s amazing fashion scene.

Kyoko Ikeno - Finalist

Kyoko Ikeno

90% analog, 10% digital. The only way I know.

Namika Toyama - Semifinalist

Namika Toyama

A student, sometimes a web designer, and sometimes a model.

U-KO Yokura - Semifinalist

U-KO Yokura

A web designer. In all seriousness, wants to make something useful.

Shoji Komatsu

Shoji Komatsu

I’ve been drawing my whole life. Never been entirely comfortable with the digital medium and because of that pursued it strongly. Still looking for a place my drawings can call home.

Shingo Kohama

Shingo Kohama

I want to create something that resonates.



A Tokyo native inspired by 80’s graffiti to study design. Graff is raw culture, artistic expression and communication wrapped into one.

Alvin Yeung

Alvin Yeung

Before I save the world, I’ll have to learn to pick something from the menu, and if I could choose, I’d be like steak, rare and juicy.

All work will be judged by our 2007 all-star panel:

Hiroshi OhmizoGraphic Designer / Founder, Glanz

Ohmizo-san’s work spans advertisement, book cover design, corporate identity, exhibitions and posters for art shows ranging from Turkish art to woodblock prints of Hokusai. Recent projects include creative direction for Nike Play and identities for Tsutaya and Urawa Art Museum.

Motoki Mizoguchi Designer / Founder, Mo’Design


Besides editorial design and art direction for books and magazines, including many street fashion titles, Mizoguchi-san’s graphics have been used on t-shirt designs for Stussy, Resonate Goodenough and Zucca. He also publishes “Bootcamp Magazine,” a free paper that offers photographers and designers something creative.

Katsunori Aoki Art Director, Butterfly Stroke

Spacious three floors, plenty of sunlight, trendy furniture jostles easily with quirky toys. Butterfly Stroke may seem like a typical well-to-do design studio, but there is a reason why Aoki-san named his company after what is considered the most demanding swimming style. BTF aims to circumvent the traditional constraints of made-to-order work by giving its designers the freedom to create striking, memorable characters that attract clients. Build and they will come—Sony, Nike, Honda, Benetton and many others did.

Kazuhisa Yamamoto Graphic Designer/Founder, Donny Grafiks

Kazuhisa Yamamoto

Kazuhisa Yamamoto, Graphic Designer/Founder, Donny Grafiks
Using minimum expression to achieve greatest impact is the name of
Donny's game. His playground includes everything from art direction,
editorials, web projects and t-shirt designs. Recent clients include
Uniqlo, Design Tide and the National Art Center, Tokyo.

Hidechika & Tetsuya Founders, Dainippon Type Organization

Hidechika has a moustache but no surname, Tetsuya has a family name (Tsukada) but lacks facial hair. The differences didn't stop them from forming Dainippon Type Organization in 1993. After 14 years of tinkering with the alphabet they are still rearranging, deconstructing and reconstructing letters in search of new possibilities. Recent work include logo for Nike's Bukatsu Campaign, ap bank fes'07 t-shirt design and ``Toypography'' building blocks game.

Event soundtrack provided by:



With the background of Punk, Bigbeat and Reggae, NANMIX sound is still evolving into the future and can't limited to a single genre. His collages of techno, breaks, electro, and rock are a unique interpretation of the NU-SKOOL sound. (He doesn't like to throw names, but the cat performed with Towa Tei. Word!) NANMIX is a resident at Le Baron, Tokyo. Stay tuned!