October 6th 2007


Saturday, October 6th, 2007
Doors open at 7PM
Competition from 8 - 11PM
After party from 11PM - close

Logan Square Auditorium
2539 North Kedzie Blvd.
773 252 6179

General Admission
$10 advanced tickets / $15 at the door
Must be 21+

Chicago Audience Design Contest:

Winner: Caliph Rasul
See all Chicago entries

The City of Big Shoulders welcomed Cut&Paste back with open arms for its second year in celebrating Chicago's great designers. Check out the photos and artwork for a better look.

5inch Rotofugi T.26 Digital Type Foundry Novem Studios Artisan Talent Flavorpill x-rite

Chicago 2007 Photos:

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The Designs:

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The winning design by Tewz

Round Three:
"Premonition" with canvas "Liquor Bottle"

Tewz Kyle LaMere    

Round Two:
"Through the Looking Glass"

Tewz Kyle LaMere Tony Ruth Leilah Rampa

Round One: "Currency"

Tewz Kyle LaMere Tony Ruth Leilah Rampa Narciso Carlos Tara Lynch Eamon Madigan Rene Mendez

Chicago Contestants:

Tewz - Winner!!!


TEWZ is a current student at SAIC, a teacher at the South Chicago Art Center, a painter, a graffiti writer, a street artist, and a graphic designer. His work is the visual byproduct of the random sights and sounds experienced every day in Chicago.

Kyle LaMere - Finalist

Kyle LaMere

Visual Communicator / Photographer
I love rebuilding my 80's toy collection via EBay and watching Full House re-runs (cut-it-out). When I'm not doing either of those, you'll find me working in music promotion. Since I'm not musically inclined enough to start a band, I figured I'd work beside them instead. Rock!

Tony Ruth - Audience Prize Winner / Semifinalist

Tony Ruth

Product designer, illustrator, tablet junkie. Heavy Photoshop abuser.

Leilah Rampa - Semifinalist

Leilah Rampa

Leilah Rampa is currently enrolled in the MFA program at the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Art and Design. Her studies are strongly influenced by an anthropology based research approach to design, framing context and message, and linking human factors and usability together with visual communication. She is a native of Switzerland.

Narciso Carlos

Narciso Carlos

Tara Lynch

Tara Lynch

Graphic Designer, Illustrator, everyday Artist. Two parts West Coast, one part Midwest. Elaborate line work meets graphic simplicity. A sucka' punch to the gut and a kiss on the cheek... all wrapped up in one sweet little package.

Eamon Madigan

Eamon Madigan

Designer with background in painting and photo from Columbia in Chicago. Currently the owner of a growing business that supplies creative services to both corporate & not so corporate clients. "I loves me some design."

Rene Mendez

Rene Mendez

Visual Activist....
"Imagination is not a gift, it must be captured!" –Bréton

All work was judged by our 2007 all-star panel:

Nigel Evan DennisDesigner

Nigel Evans Dennis

24-year-old Chicago artist Nigel Dennis entered the professional scene in 2004 bearing the stamp Electric Heat. Since then he has proved himself a prolific designer. Implementing a variety of elements from photography to typography to free-hand illustration, his compositions conceal a broad palette. Nigel’s work has effectively blurred the line between fine art and innovative design-advertising. Due to this unique synthesis, Electric Heat has attracted attention from corporate America and the cultural underground simultaneously. This growing list of clientele includes: MTV, Common, Geffen Records, Lipton, Coca-Cola, Warner Brothers, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Ecko, Jeep, Burton Snowboards, Stuff Magazine, GreySF, Sandisk, Adobe, Ultra Records, Sony BMG, Converse, Microsoft, Absolut Vodka, Nylon Magazine, Sony Music, Columbia Records, XLR8R Magazine and The Royal.

Linda BracamontesDesigner / Professor of Design, UIC

Linda Bracamontes

Linda Bracamontes-Roeger is currently Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she teaches Digital Media and Typography. Her work has been recognized by the AIGA, the Art Directors Club New York and Print Magazine. She chaired two regional and national education conferences, FutureHistory 2002 and FutureHistory 2004, in Chicago. She was senior graphic designer for Morningstar Inc. in Chicago where she developed new product identity and implemented corporate identity. Later she worked for Day Interactive Switzerland, Basel designing various interactive media. Her research includes printed material and interface design. She received her BFA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her advanced certificate from the Basel School of Design in Switzerland.

Todd CrismanVP Manager of Interactive Innovation, Cramer-Krasselt

Todd Crisman

Todd Crisman is a champion of middle-class suburban culture. He particularly enjoys pulling urban snobs out of their element and into the world of domestic beer and fatty sandwiches. Somewhere in there, he speaks the language of digital innovation. As for his career, he's spent most of it as a web guy, and will forever be remembered as one of the masterminds behind’s Monk-e-Mail, a massively popular online phenomenon.

Chris EichenseerOwner & Operator, Someoddpilot, Co. Design + Photography

Chris Eichenseer

Chris grew up in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago practicing the socially constructive arts of breakdancing and playing drums for thrash metal bands. After attending art school he moved to Chicago with the requisite cameras and computers and founded Someoddpilot in 1999. Someoddpilot is a graphic design and photography company that produces work primarily within the music, film/tv, fashion and sports/ lifestyle industries. Some of their most visible projects have been the branding and site design for, fashion photography for the Chicago clothing label Red Jacket, and dozens of record layouts for labels like Chocolate Industries, Consumers Research, Mush and for their own former Someoddpilot Records.

Stephan MartiniereIllustrator

Stephan Martiniere

In the past 25 years Stephan Martiniere has become known for his talent, versatility and imagination in every field of entertainment. From director to concept illustrator, Stephan has worked on such projects including: “Star Wars EP 2 and EP 3”, “I, robot”, “The Time Machine”, “Virus”, “Red Planet”, “Dragon Heart 2” and “Titan A.E”. As a Director for the TV animated special “Madeline” Stephan received the A.C.T Award, the Parent’s Choice Award, the Humanitas Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award. As an illustrator Stephan is the recipient of several “Spectrum” and “Expose” Awards. Stephan is also the recipient of the 2006 Chesley Award and has been nominated twice for the Hugo Award. In the game industry Stephan Martiniere worked for three years as a Visual Design Director at Cyan, the creators of “Myst” on the game “Uru: Ages Beyond Myst”, “ Myst: The Path of The Shell”’ and “Myst 5”. In 2005 and 2006 Stephan received the “Into The Pixel” Award. For the last three years Stephan Martiniere has been working as the Visual Design Director at Midway games for the game Stranglehold and is currently the Creative Visual Director for Midway Games in Chicago.